…before you purchase…

My tutorials illustrated with a lot of photos step by step. When it was necessary I completed short and clear sentences.
So every pictures contains all information.
You can see the beads, which should be pick up, you can see the stitch line, you can see how can you stitch and you can zoom in every pictures, so you can see more details.

And a really important informations:

I live in Europe. Well, perhaps you are in different time-zone. If I wont answer you maybe there is at night. Please be patient I always answer all question.

Purchasing process

You can purchase patterns in my e-shop quickly, simply and easy.

  1. choose the patterns and add to your cart
  2. if you have coupon apply it
  3. go to checkout, fill necessary data and choose pay-method
  4. you will get emails about purchase and email with a link to downloading

About Copy Right:

My all patterns made for personal use, please do not teach it on workshops without my permit.

The tutorial itself is protected under copyright law and must not be reproduced, distributed, published or taught without my express permission.

Tutorials refund policy:

  • Because the beading tutorial is a digital good (PDF file), it is unfortunately nonrefundable.
  • A transaction becomes final once the PDF file of the beading tutorial is downloaded or e-mailed to the buyer.
  • In case that you were not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me

Thank you so much.

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